Style Guide

At Brick Road Boutique, we view style through a slightly different lens than other boutiques. Megan’s formal education background provides a solid foundation to understand the power of the elements and principles of design when deciding what outfit works best for your style. 

In our pop-up shop events, you’ll get Megan’s expertise on the following:

  • Texture - what’s on trend and how to use it in a creative way to play up your features
  • Pattern - will change based on the season, we’ll be sure we know what’s trending and how to playfully use pattern to add that extra flair
  • Color - color can be a powerful tool when showing off your personality and vibe
  • Harmony - we aim to ensure that all elements of your outfit are in perfect harmony with one another
  • Balance - we strive to strike the right balance that reflects your individual personality and style

Our customers appreciate our educational, thoughtful approach to fashion. 

To serve you even more, we partner with Pure Nebraska every month to provide a feature on style, trends and clothing know-how. Enjoy our most recent episodes:

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